Education and Human Resources

With our Education and HR based app development solutions, we’re helping you boost your productivity as well as project management
in huge corporations and educational institutions. We’re revolutionizing time and project management with HR app development solutions.

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Productivity Based Education and Human Resources Applications

From keeping track of attendance in educational institutes and multinational companies to aligning important projects and even class grades; our app development solutions boost productivity and project management to the very top. We offer:

  • Attendance management web based applications
  • Parent-Teacher Coordination Applications
  • Class Grade Assessment Applications for iOS and Android
  • Project Management Application Development
  • Client Coordination Applications for Web and Smartphones

Payment Transaction App (InstaPay)

iOS Application


HeathCare App (DocPlus)

Android Application


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Our team of experts have mastered the art of enabling a brand to have a solid long term, long lasting online
presence by offering the best, up to date iOS, Android and wearable apps design and development
services in the industry.

  • Mobile App Development
  • Mobile Product Strategy
  • Strategic Design Consultancy
  • Mobile App QA & Testing
  • Connected Devices
  • Web Portal and Development

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