Ensuring Every Aspect Of Your Brand’s Online Presence Is Well Taken Care

Our services ensure all our clients a solid competitive position that carries all the major and minor attributes of a robust brand. We take special care to deliver the most cutting edge features that drives your market presence. Here are some of our key services that we offer at CMOLDS

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Mobile Application Development

We project your brand’s essentials through our app solutions to ensure that your core messages reach a wider audience. While there are several intricacies posed, our experienced team makes things easier. Some of the key features that are included in our mobile app development services are as follow:

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Mobile Product Strategy

A mobile strategy in itself is already a start, but more than ever it has to be included in a general business strategy. A market analysis of your competing colleagues should of course not be missed. After determining KPIs, ROIs and TCO (total cost of ownership), we start with the mobile roadmap, determination of functionalities, wireframing and technical feasibility.

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Strategic Design Consultancy

We make customer-centric innovations happen with our strategic design consultancy. With your creative ideas, we work out a framework to validate it, so you will come up with a good design concept that will be the best synchronization of a problem and a solution. We create the strategies and design solutions that allow our customers to revolutionize, engage their customers in new relevant ways and transform their brands into a big and fortune thing.

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Mobile App QA and Testing

All development projects are covered with their own testing strategy and our test cases make sure testing is documented and transparent. During a project’s lifecycle, a dedicated QA engineer will run smoke tests, regression tests, ad-hoc and exploratory tests, stability tests, functional and acceptance tests. Some of our key QA and testing processes include.

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Web Portal and Development

We always emphasize simplifying processes in order to take an optimum route that inevitably results in a lean production phase with our sights ultimately set on robust structure and scalability. With impressive results envisioned from the start, we work backwards from this point in order to ensure we trace out all essentials as well as other components we may need to add as deemed suitable.

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Connective Device

Under the roof of CMOLDS, our team is more than capable and experienced when it comes to helping you reduce OPEX and TCO for device management and provide exceptional customer experience on all devices. Moreover, our end-to-end service allows you to create, launch and maintain differentiated connected devices autonomously rapidly.

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Software for all Screens

We develop application for mobile, tablet, web, wearables.

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Who's My Mutter On Fox 2

Introducing New Ideas To The World Day In And Day Out

Our experts assisted Laura in designing and developing a world-class idea into a practical application that makes ends meet for puppy lovers all around USA along with assisting pet shelters.



What our valuable clients say

A year ago, I had the concept for the next killer app but no idea on how to make it a reality. Enter CMOLDS. They took the vision in my head and made BeePresent a functioning reality. In addition to creating a beautiful app, they developed all our artwork and logo which we now use on our website and for promotional items. Our account manager was always available—evenings and weekends—to solve and address any issues we had. CMOLDS was there every step of the way especially at the end when we struggled to gain App Store approval. They kept tweaking the app until we meet Apple’s strict guidelines. I would recommend CMOLDS to anyone looking to make their mobile application idea a reality.

Adam Zurn

App Owner (Bee Present)

CMOLDS did a fantastic job developing my mobile application. From the beginning it was a daunting task that they took and ran with. The team was there for me through the whole process and provided realistic timelines along the way. They built the first ever facial recognition software for dogs for my mobile app Who’s My Mutter?. The uniqueness of the idea and the software only helped to enhance their vision of how to make it happen. I would highly recommend CMOLDS to anyone looking to bring their mobile application ideas to life.

Laura Moulder

App Owner (Who's My Mutter)

CMOLDS developed my idea for a mobile application (Checked In) into reality. Their developers do more than just build applications, they are active participants in creating the best user experience possible and contribute a lot of creativity to the project. The process is easy. You give the team at CMOLDS a clear understanding of what you want, and then they send back story boards and a timeline with bench marks for expected deliverables. CMOLDS is professional, creative, and they work very hard to make your application perfect.

Brianne Casey

App Owner (Checked In)

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